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City of Pleasanton Salutes LMA

LMA Productions was recognized by Pleasanton's City Council on its 20th Anniversary of business in the community.  LMA was acknowledged for its outstanding contributions in the field of corporate & marketing media productions.


For Sale PDF 

LMA stocks video tape, digital media (hard drives, flash, etc.) for use in our productions.  We don't normally resell blank media, but we have been known to help people out when needed since there are fewer suppliers locally than there used to be.

We're not an equipment dealer by any means, but time to time we have assets to sell as listed below.

35mm Film with Sound - Grumman F4F Wildcat with F-14 Tomcat
We have many shots and views of these on this film, as the videotape transfer. This is the only such film we are aware of that shows both of these planes flying together in formation from the POV of a 3rd plane along side (a delicate task that required each of these planes to operate at the edge of their respective airspeed limits). We'll consider licensing or buyout.

Sony DVR-20 D-2 Digital Tape Recorder
Low hours, this machine has been very reliable.  Contact us for details.